Greg Tadevosyan

Dance Instructor

Greg Tadevosyan (Gagik Tadevosyan) joined Heritage DCC in September of 2018. He is the head instructor of international boys’ groups and teaches advanced ballet .

Greg Tadevosyan has a Bachelor’s degree in dance education as well as Master’s degree in international dance from Armenia’s State University.
He has been the soloist of Armenia’s Bert National Ensemble for over 8 consecutive years, performing and participating in intentional festivals around the world.
His dance background includes extensive training in character dance, ballet as well as contemporary, modern and jazz dances.

Furthermore, for over three years, Greg Tadevosyan has been dancing in Armenia’s Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater portraying characters of many heroes.
He has superb technique and acting skills unique to a dancer. His artistic straight has been evidence in the following performances: “The Life of Paganini”, “Faust”, “Rafael Santi”, “Twin Suns”, “Bohemia”, and “Spartacus”.

Over the years Greg Tadevosyan has developed a unique dance style called “International House” infusing folk dance movements with classical and contemporary ballet. He works with innovative musicians from Armenia, Greece, Spain in furtherance of his revolutionary approach.

Greg Tadevosyan