Narine Petrosyan


Narine Petrosyan is the founder and director of Heritage Dance & Cultural Center. She has been studying and performing dance since age four. Narine has performed on Armenia’s national stage and at cultural festivals around the world. Her professional dance background includes international folk and classical dances, ballet, flamenco, modern and Latin dances. She was a soloist in the renowned Armenner Armenian National Dance Ensemble and performed internationally in Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Canadian, French and Spanish dance festivals. During her career as a professional dancer and in addition to performing and teaching, she has developed her own unique dance curriculum, innovative teaching strategies and original choreography.

Narine Petrosyan has a bachelor’s degree in English literature, studied theater and dance and holds a Juris Doctor degree. Her passion for life made her a lifelong student of renowned dancers such as Manuel Gutierrez, Cihtli Ocampo and many more. In 2014 she established Heritage Dance Company, a small dance group teaching inner city children the folk and national dances from around the world. As her love for teaching grew, she decided to give up her career in the legal field and open her own establishment. On March 8, 2017 Heritage Dance and Cultural Center was opened in Granada Hills to house a growing number of students. The center now has a beautiful dance and art studio which accommodates more than 18 programs. Children and adults of all ages attend the center to learn different forms of art such as drama, fine arts, fashion design, piano, violin, singing, chess, languages and more. In a short period of time Heritage students have performed on various stages such as The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre, Colony Theatre, John Wayne Performing Arts Center, Lanterman Auditorium, The PAECs, Disneyland Performing Arts and many more. Heritage Dance and Cultural Center hosted many art and music workshops for the community and its students participated in local art festivals. In 2018 Heritage dancers were invited to take part at Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washington DC where they presented Armenian national dances on the National Mall. In 2019 Heritage Students will present Armenian and intentional dance in Paris, showcasing their best numbers on the stage of the famous Theatre De Paris. Narine Petrosyan has received many awards from community leaders as well as from Los Angeles City Mayor in upholding the cultural heath and well being of inner city children. In 2018 she has received official recognition in appreciation of exceptional contribution to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about the cultures and traditions that enrich the world from the Smithsonian Institute of Washington D.C.

Narine Petrosyan has also published articles about dance, written poems and gave public speeches; she continues to spread her passion for arts through many creative mediums. She is the founder and creative director of The Panaj Collection, head officer of the Heritage Dance & Cultural Festival as well as founder and producer of Heritage-Tag Production Company.

For her Heritage is a place of kindness and courage where people of all ages come to enjoy the power of Art. It represents the imaginative innocence of human soul, it enables children to dream and most of all it is a place where minds are shaped for the world to enjoy a brighter future.

Narine Petrosyan